John H. Betters was born June 17, 1938, in Miltonvale, Kansas, to the late Melvin and Flora Betters. He married the love of his life, the late Yvonne L. Hunsinger on June 20, 1958. John went on to study at Miltonvale Wesleyan College and upon graduation became an ordained minister. He and Yvonne began a life of ministry in Kansas until they were called as missionaries to Alaska in the late 1960s, after visiting the state with Willam and Alice Gale.  John was then a founding father of  Far North Missionary Fellowship and worked tirelessly as a missionary among the  Alaska Native communities of the far north.
John furthered his education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where he graduated with a master’s degree in education. John taught for more than 20 years at Lathrop High School and village schools across Alaska. All around the interior of Alaska his former students still share fond memories of school days with Mr. Betters.

He and his beloved wife, Yvonne, were influential in founding and supporting Far North Christian School in Fairbanks and many times over the years paid the bills of the school with their own finances to insure its continuance. They supported Gods Bible School as well, and joyfully encouraged and blessed any students from Far North who chose to attend GBS. The Betters hosted many GBS ministry teams and were excellent hosts and spiritual mentors to those who visited.
John Betters passed away in March of 2015 just a few short months after the loss of his dearest Yvonne in July of 2014. He would often proudly proclaim that they were love birds and she was his precious chick-a-dee.
On behalf of daughter, Rebecca Traylor, family friend David, beloved grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we congratulate and pray God’s best for the the scholarship recipient.
May God bless the memory of John and Yvonne Betters and the ministry of Gods Bible School .

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