Southside Community are people on mission.  Serving one another and our community with God’s blessing and help, and including all of our team in every aspect of outreach and discipleship possible.  From our youngest helpers, to our senior saints we are blessed with a team of true missionaries.  We also believe in the value of supporting foreign missions and distant connections who are partners in the big picture of sharing God’s love, His message, and a helping hand.  We are honored to share in prayer and support for the Jeff Deeter family in Dot Lake, Alaska,  Dr. Stephen Gibson  and the ministry in Haiti that he represents, and Miss Velma Ninjipa, and her exciting and thriving children’s ministry in Papua New Guinea. We have also been recently involved financially in an effort to serve orphans in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.  These opportunities, along with other local, and distant needs, are worthy endeavors and we hope to continue and increase our support as God enables us.